Girlfriend Activation System Tips: The Tom Cruise Look

I used to want a girlfriend…really, really bad. The thing is, I totally sucked with women.

They acted like I didn’t even exist. Like I was invisible.

But that still didn’t stop me from wanting a girlfriend.

I wanted the affection, the companionship, the unlimited sex…all the things that make a stable relationship more appealing to me than a bunch of one-night stands.

But then something happened. And the light bulb finally came on…

I discovered the secret to getting a girlfriend isn’t tied to good looks, money, having a 12” viper in your pants, or any of the stuff most guys think it is. In reality, the one thing that matters most is how you make a woman feel when she’s around you.

Give her feelings she enjoys, and she’ll want to be around you all the time, even if you’re bald, fat, ugly, or totally awkward. It’s such a simple idea, but how do you do it?

Well, there’s this secret “movie star look” I uncovered from the Girlfriend Activation System that’s incredibly powerful when it comes to attracting hot women.

Tom Cruise has it. George Clooney has it. Brad Pitt has it. Johnny Depp?  Yep he has it too.

When you use it, it can escalate any conversation from “friendly” to “sexual” almost instantly.

So how do you learn it? Read about the Girlfriend Activation System in the review at

Pay close attention to parts 2 and 3 on “Masculine Power”.

The “look” is something I had to share because it’s a game changer for guys who want girlfriends.